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So we finally invent a real science-fictional death ray, and what do we use it for?  Teasing cats.

And playing movies.
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Well, we took Beautiful to the vet; there's good news and bad news.  Good news is that she has no heartworms, FIV, or giardia.  Bad news is she has fleas.  We may be in for an itchy time ....

She is settling down nicely; she's sitting right next to me right now, purring softly.  (Of course, I type that and she gets up and moves, and I have to yell at her for sharpening claws on the chair.  Oh well.)  We've let her out to explore a bit; relations with Toby and Pirate Jenny were tense, but no worse.

We don't know if she'll keep the name "Beautiful"; Kit is thinking of calling her "Katniss".  Guess what she's been reading ....
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It looks like we may have acquired another cat.

There's been a stray coming around for the last couple of months, and Kit's been feeding her occasionally. She (the cat) is thin, and her coat indicates that she's spent a lot of time outdoors this winter (very thick undercoat). She answers to the name "Beautiful", so that's her provisional name.

Today when she came around to look in all our windows and get fed, we grabbed her and brought her inside. She goes to the vet tomorrow. First order of business is to see if she has a chip (no collar, or there'd be no thought of adopting her).

Right now, she's shut into the front room, with me. She's been eating, exploring (but not using) the litter box, and, occasionally, coming over to get petted. She even purred for me, a little.

As soon as she gets a clean bill of health, we'll start thinking about introducing her to the other cats. I'm sure that will be a *lot* of fun ...
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 Simba has asthma.  Every day, we have to give him half a CC of medicine.  He doesn't like it very much.  By the standards of cats and medicine, he's pretty easy to dose, but it's still a bit of a trick.  I've pretty much got it down -- I get behind him so he can't back up, stick the nozzle in the corner of his mouth, and squirt as he's turning his head to get out of the way.  Time it right, and the squirt goes right down his throat.

Except last night.  Apparently, he had his tongue in just the right position so that the squirt got diverted through 90 degrees -- into his mouth and back out.  And into my mouth.

Yeah, now I see why he doesn't like it.  Bitter as all get-out.  I have no idea what that means to a cat; the vet says it's supposed to be chicken flavored.


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