2016-10-21 10:50
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I was at an SF con and having trouble with the hotel. I was standing in line to talk to a hotel person (the line in front of me kept getting longer, although I didn’t see anybody cutting in), when we were all herded over to the side of the room so that Hillary Clinton’s cat could sniff over our luggage looking for blood.

I think I’ve been reading too much election coverage.


2016-08-08 12:47
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Sergei was holding forth on the problems he'd had in Russia as the son of a Government official. At one point, he was running in a large park and three agents were following him around. As cover (and to track him if they lost him), they were walking dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were Chihuahuas, which simply couldn't keep up. Another time, they tried the same thing with medium Poodles. This time, the problem was that the dogs were far too fond of tummy rubs. Every time they saw a person, they'd run over to them and flop down on their backs for a tummy rub.

There were also hamburgers, chocolate pastries, and a restaurant with far too long a hallway between dining rooms. I made a point to leave the waitress a big tip.


2016-07-15 11:12
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A new entry for The World's Worst Cocktail: the eggplant sour.

I don't remember the rest of the dream. This is a Good Thing.


2015-10-07 14:01
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Dentists and penguins are a bad combination.
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Fairly frequently, I have a "no pants" dream, where I am not wearing pants (or less commonly, naked). Nobody ever notices. Whatever else is going on in the dream has no relevance to my lack of lower body covering.

Last nigit, I had a dream where a young woman (blonde, slender, nobody I know) was naked, and nobody noticed. I think I wandered into her dream.

There were also mattresses that had to be lugged from Here to There and alligators wrapped in duct tape. Like my dreams make sense?

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I dreamed I was in some kind of entertainment complex, with a lot of bars. Some were mobbed; some were deserted. Most were just ordinary bars, but some were specialized. 'Way down at the end was a bar specializing in rum cakes. They had all sort of rum cakes, from plain to very fancy (a T Rex head, white with black spots, Dalmatian style. You could get a slice for five dollars or so, or the whole thing for $999 (it was seriously large)). And of course, beverages to go with. Fortunately, this included plain coffee.
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"Yuppies, Puppies, and Tea"

The only thing it brings to mind is an exceptionally syrupy New Age self-help book, like "The Celestine Prophecy" only more so.

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 For no known reason, I woke up with this phrase in my head.  I have no idea what I was dreaming about, if anything.  The only thing it suggests is the title of a really bad postwar French comedy.


2011-11-28 21:39
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I was talking with the President of the United States, who was Arnold Schwarzenegger.  We were chatting about his hatred of forms where you're supposed to put one letter in each little box -- there is never enough space for his name.  His solution was to draw an "X" through the box and just write his name above it.


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