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 2D Goggles Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace fight crime.  The author is doing some heavy- duty research into the life of Babbage, and is having 'way too much fun with it.  The Nineteenth Century was packed with weirdos (or, to be polite, eccentrics) that make our current crop of nutcases look positively tame.  As an eccentric, Babbage was Right Up There.
Also, Babbage and Lovelace have a gig with the BBC!

Digger  Ursula Vernon is one of the funniest people on the Web (or at least on LJ)  (anyone who could draw this is seriously warped in some very interesting directions)  Digger (or to give her full name, Digger of Unnecessarily Convoluted Tunnels) is a wombat who made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up a long way from home.  In this mythos, wombats are solidly pragmatic and unimaginative civil engineers.  Digger has to deal with prophetic slugs, vampire squash, exiled hyenas, assorted gods, and the conviction that she's the only sane one in a hundred miles.

The problem with web comics is that, once you read all the back issues, the progress of the story is absolutely glacial.  I appreciate that the artist puts a terrific amount of work into each comic, and I'm sure it would be easier if I just waited until an entire volume came out and read it all at once.  Unfortunately, I'm not that much into deferred gratification.
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I've never been a comics fan, outside of the daily funnies. But lately, I've found a couple I really like:

Girl Genius. This is one of the few ongoing stories where all the characters are intelligent -- including the supposedly not-too-bright comic relief. It's an excellent mixture of drama and pie-in-the-face silliness. (a pink dirigible??)

Gunnerkrigg Court.  Starts out like a very Y YA story, but gets dark very quickly.  Gotta love a six year old with a stuffed toy full of lockpicks ....  (Six?  Eight?  How old is Antimony at the start?)

Free Fall.  One of my interests in SF is the depiction of other viewpoints.  In Free Fall, all three main characters are nonhuman intelligences:  a squidlike scavenger, a robot trying to perform far beyond its programming, and an intelligent wolf.   It's totally played for laughs, but it has some very interesting insights.  The humans are the least "human" of the characters, but they're mostly bureaucrats, middle managers, telemarketers, and so forth.


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