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So the car made this funny noise.  Sort of a mild squeak.  Stronger in reverse.  Car had to go in for the 90K checkup anyway; I told them to take a look.  Turns out that the squeak was from the rear brakes.  The calipers had seized up and destroyed the rear brakes.  New calipers, new disks, new pads.  This is after getting new disks and pads less than eighteen months ago.  Feh.  $750 down the drain.  But working brakes are *very* high on my list for a working car.

At least they gave me a loner.  Good thing, as it took them a couple of extra days to get the calipers in -- that's *not* something that breaks.  It was a shiny new Acura TSX, with all the trimmings -- leather seats, dual control air, satellite radio, GPS navigation system. , Unfortunately it handled like a rowboat and the engine had a distinct lack of zip, despite the engine and transmission trying to convince me that they're working really, really hard.

The next day, I happened to drive over a pothole with the left rear wheel (and with the window open) and something went "clank".  Now, "clank" is not a noise you want to hear from your suspension, ever.  "Thump", yes; you expect that.  "Squeak", yes, it means the suspension is going outside its normal range.  "Clank" is bad.

So I took it back to the shop and had them take a look at it.  Turns out that one of the suspension struts was loose.  They fixed it, no charge of course.  Only took about the first quarter of "Iron Sunrise'.

Anyway, I have my car back.  [Deep sigh of relief]


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