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2017-06-24 16:24
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It's been a day and it hasn't stopped.

There are two farmers markets locally that we go to; the SU goes to the one by the railroad tracks with the good meats, and I sometimes go to the one downtown (locally, not DC), which has good veggies and fruit. I got ready to go to that one today. I got less than a mile away when my stomach said, loudly, "I don't feel well. I may give you back what you've eaten if you keep going."

What could I do? I took the next cross-street, which is a fairly direct route home, and came home and took something to settle the stomach, which continued to grumble.

I had put down my glasses for some reason; when I picked them up, one side piece fell off, behind the hinge. We went to Kaiser; no, they couldn't fix it, but they recommended a shop some distance away that was going to close in about 90 minutes. It took half an hour to get there, but we did. The cost isn't bad -- $65 is a lot better than ordering new glasses and going without for two weeks because the old ones hurt to wear -- and I can pick them up Monday.

The guy who does the repair also does lenses, replacement and new prescriptions, and I may take my very old Bausch & Lomb sunglasses there to get polarized lenses for them, or maybe even the distance half of my prescription so I can use them in situations where I'm at an angle to the sun that puts light on the *back* of the glass (which means I see the glass surface or dust or smears and not through the glass).

So, I can't drive till Monday after we pick the repaired glasses up, since I need them to drive (legally). I was going to get tickets for a local play - I know one of the actors - but the computer glitched on me and blew the sale, and I'm too frustrated, so it will be next weekend.

(I am very glad that I did not agree to be in the Second Life fundraising event today -- which took place about the same time we were driving along the six-lane looking for the address for the glasses repair place.)
(Oh, yeah, I got locked out of my credit union account on Thursday -- their new 'security system' sent my passcode slower than their time limit for entering the passcode, so I had to repeat the process, and then it said that was the wrong passcode... I got in this morning, no problem.)

And I discovered one of the two soprano coyotes -- it's the collie that belongs to what must be new people in the house behind us (none of the people look familiar and the others had a beagle.) It was listening for the *real* coyote in the park and singing replies. The baritone coyote is still out there being a coyote somewhere, I suspect.

But the contractor who bid on the masonry work we need looks very good and we said yes. And the garlic and onions I planted seem to be doing fairly well; I need to trim back lemon balm from shading the garlic, but that's all.

So the world is slightly fuzzy around the edges, but it's not that bad.
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Why a so-called "pro-life" world has a lot of dead women in it. It isn't really pro-life unless it includes food and shelter and clothes for everyone, health care for everyone, and income for everyone. That's pro-life. RetroRepublicans are only pro-birth; they don't give a damn what happens once that baby is here.

In Missouri, if you use birth control, had an abortion or are pregnant (covering all bases, you notice), you can lose a job, be fired, be not hired. I assume they are not counting condoms as birth control, or they'd have to fire a lot of men, and that just wouldn't do, would it? ::sarcasm filter on full blast:: More on this ignorant stupidity here.


Police are literally dragging people away from Sen. McConnell's office as protests break out over the Republican anti-health bill. I refuse to call it a health bill; it is against health.

The Trump occupation will allow nursing homes to strip residents of their legal rights. I want this one to go all the way to the Supreme Court so it can be slapped down so hard it echoes. And Trump has removed protections for Yellowstone grizzlies. Can we have *him* tell the grizzlies that? Up close and personal?

Oh, and His Trumpetness's minions say diabetics "don't deserve" health insurance.


The Supreme Court unanimously made it harder for the government to revoke anyone's citizenship.

Why aren't bisexuals more welcomed at Pride?

A hospice for elderly dogs who have been abandoned by owners who can't/won't deal with the medical costs that come with age, or whose people have died and have nobody to take them.
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The new campsite was a dozen or more miles away, next to a creek, and the only sign of bear was aged dry bear scat that was old and dry enough that it didn't smell. Scotty headed for the outhouse -- and backed out. I took a look in -- I've seen pincushions less full of needles. It seems that a porcupine had climbed in through the outhouse's tiny window (chewed a bit larger for the trip, from the teeth marks) in order to gnaw on and lick salt from the toilet seat (yes, sweat contains salt.) Scotty took a pair of plyers from the car and spent half an hour pulling the most obnoxious of the porcupine quills so the place was usable. (I kept a handful of them for years; I think they vanished in a move.)

We put up the tent, hiked a bit more, cooked dinner, put the rest of the food in the car (the creek was too nearby, and we'd used up the things that needed to be chilled. It was a dark night, clouded over, so we went to sleep fairly early.

And in the middle of the night I woke up.

I had the sense that someone was watching me.

It wasn't Scotty. He was asleep, like a rock.

I could barely hear something walking around outside the tent, circling, looking in at the flap (which was zipped to keep out mosquitos but had a gap where it tied,) and circling again. And again. A faint sense of someone breathing. Not as big as the bear, but with more intention and curiosity. It must have circled half a dozen times before it left.

I fell asleep again.

In the morning, it was plain that we'd had a visitor -- a wolf whose paw prints, with the clearly marked claws, were longer than my hand (and I have long fingers). He'd left us an indication that this was *his* territory -- a small mountain of wolf droppings at least a foot high, right in front of the Mustang's fender. We didn't see him again, and I didn't sense him, but I wished I'd had a bit of plaster of paris to make a cast of one of those tracks, and find some proportion chart to learn just how big he was.

We didn't have any more encounters, and stayed there the rest of the time -- but I had my ears and eyes open in case that wolf was keeping an eye on us still.

Slightly outdated buttons

2017-06-22 13:06
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Before Balticon, I cleared out a lot of button slogans that I didn't think were selling well enough.*

So I've got about a thousand buttons that I have no obvious use for. They're generally in good condition and they're sorted by slogan.

I could just throw them out, but does anyone have any better ideas?

Would anyone like to pick up the buttons? I'm in South Philadelphia. Or I could mail them. I'm estimating the postage at $50 to $100, paid in advance. I'll come up with something more exact if anyone is interested.

*Removing "Free Hugs" was an error. I'll be putting it back in the trays.
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It was grad school, and I had a short break coming up. Scotty, the guy I was dating, and I decided to go camping in the Adirondacks for a few days. He was from Alaska; I had gone camping for several years with Girl Scouts. We had the equipment, and we headed off to a campsite in the mountains; you didn't have to reserve one, you could just show up and if it wasn't being used, you could have it.

It was raining the first night we were there, so we slept in the Mustang; Ford should know that Mustangs are designed as road cars, not as hotel rooms. Not the best way to sleep, so I wasn't that awake the next day. I made a fire, we had breakfast, and after we hiked for a bit to find the nearest stream and look around, Scotty went to see if there were any other campsites open, such as ones with a lean-to -- those usually need reservations, but you could get lucky.

I stayed at the campsite, which had an outhouse, a fire pit, and not much more. We'd sunk the food in the creek to keep it cool and also reduce the food smell for any animals around, so I wasn't that worried. It was quiet. I went into the outhouse to do what you do in an outhouse.

And, not long after I'd turned the wooden latch on the door, I heard footsteps outside, heavy footsteps, and the kind of deep-in-the-throat growling that comes from something very large. I thought at first that it might be a puma; they're not common in those mountains any more, but they come through sometimes -- but they're shy. This was a big animal, sniffing and sniffing and muttering to itself. And then it pushed on the outside of the outhouse and made a scraping noise, and I nearly stopped breathing. Then it got quiet. I stayed in the outhouse, barely moving at all, until Scotty's Mustang turned off the road and around the corner into the grassy parking area.

And then I got out, several shades whiter than usual. And told him what had happened.

"Bear," he said. And we both looked up at the scratch marks on the outhouse, about eight feet up. "Marking his territory.

We'd seen a much-rolled-upon area in the tall grass about a mile away that he'd said was probably where a bear had slept -- but neither of us had expected it to visit. It was probably looking for food, which we had not had nearby. We decided to move to a different campsite ....
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Chris Christie's opioid commission and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Re the article on psychologists who were involved in torture, the movie Doctors of the Dark Side is about this, and is supposed to be good.

Where are the nurses trained in dealing with sexual assault, to take the evidence for a rape kit?

The Supreme Court on free speech and gerrymandering.

The NY State Division of Human Rights is investigating Fox News over claims of sexual harassment and retalliation.

The Seneca Nation of Indians has stopped payments from its casino earnings to state and local governments, based on their interpretation of a contract; the state says the payments should continue, based on further paperwork.

New York State raises the age for marriage to 18, eliminating child marriage. Which confuses me a bit, since I knew a couple who ran off to Virginia to get married because they could do it there but not in NY. She was 18 and he was 17 then; according to this article they might not have needed to cross two or three states to do it.

It will take a village to save the Colorado River.

Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris have become the stars of the Russia inquiry, and rightfully so for their incisive questions. And we are told that, despite the possibility of blackmail, former National Security Advisor Flynn had access to the most sensitive intelligence.

The race to solar power in Africa.

A new industry in China: mistress dispellers.

Nora Ephron on making "Julie and Julia", and much more. An older article but a good one.

My body doesn't belong to you.
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The wildcats you've never seen.

Color-linked feline personalities, and more.

And dogs that are trained to find human remains, even just bones, are to be used to find Amelia Earhart. Thing is, they may be looking in the wrong place. In Adela Rogers St.Johns' memoir "The Honeycomb", she writes about getting to know Amelia when she was flying in the US, and, after WWII, long after her plane disappeared, speaking with Marines who told her that they had taken the body of a white woman that had been identified as Amelia from the island where they had found her, and under strict orders to keep it quiet, flew her back to Hawaii and buried her in the military cemetery called the Punchbowl, without a marker. So I don't know. Either Adela was lied to -- and she had a superb bullshit meter -- or someone else was buried secretly by night in the Punchbowl. It's not a large place; I'm not sure how it could have been done without being noticed by someone.
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Even the Republicans want more details about the health care bill.>/a> And yes, it is frightening that the health care of millions of us depend on a handful of Senators. In addition, some Senators want to change the rules to avoid reconciliation (of the bill) and proceed more quickly. I would call it a deadly scam in the making if it didn't mean life or death for so many of us. But if Mitch McConnell is going to play dirty, Democrats are willing to match him and raise the stakes.

Meanwhile, RetroRepublican VP Mike Pence explains that the Disney movie 'Mulan' is a ploy to get women in the military. He apparently missed the part where a) it's historical, b) she went in instead of her elderly and ill father, c) it's a movie for kids, it's not Top Gun (which could have racked up a lot of enlistments if they'd had recruiters in the theatre hallways when it opened.) Or maybe he's a bit of a nutcase.

298 million US voters' personal information leaked in a security lapse. Read this one.

Trump is taking action against LGBTQ Americans.

Should Amazon become The Place To Buy Everything? And does it want to be more like Apple?

The Green Revolution will happen -- without Trump. But it would work better and faster if pale environmental groups included more diversity.

New Orleans and the Gulf brace for flooding from Tropical Storm Cindy, who is speeding up. Unrelated to Cindy but still FEMA-related, FEMA is preparing for a solar superstorm that would (not could, would) take down the grid in huge sections of the country. We don't know when this one would happen. At least the Trumpets aren't trying to get rid of this... so far.

No, Han Solo isn't a comedian; he's a cynical, sarcastic, selfish jerk (most of the time). And that's why the directors of his movie have been fired, and are being replaced in mid-shoot.

Laura Dern would like actors to get over themselves, please. She should know; she grew up in the business with her father, Bruce Dern, and mother, Diane Ladd.

What the Watergate Committee taught me. The difficulties that cause problems are political alliances, cynicism and fatigue -- sound familiar? Read this.

Where did 'We the People' go?

A lawsuit filed on behalf of former prisoners reveals details about psychologist-approved torture techniques from the psychologists who approved them -- and who now may be held responsible for their use.

Journalist's notebook: Into the battle of Mosul armed with a camera.

The king of Saudi Arabia has replaced his heir with his son. I have no idea how this will affect things, but it will.

The Supreme Court announces broad protections for Internet surfing rights, including for sex offenders.

New York's governor would like to treat hemp like any other crop. This is somewhere between ironic and hilarious to anyone who went to college in the early 1970s--the Doonesbury cartoon about Zonker being jailed for one weed seed is scarily accurate to the times. Yes, I am delighted that hemp is back, and I look forward to being able to buy comfortable hempcloth shirts here instead of going to Canada for them.

The US is relocating a town because of climate change. And this is unlikely to be the last one.

Cats domesticated themselves. And tabby coloring is relatively recent.
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Reviving a lost language of Canada through film. I am looking forward to this movie -- I thought Atanarjuat (which I have probably just misspelled -- The Far Runner is the translation) was stunning.

National Geographic on the effects of melting in Antarctica.

Another far-right theocrat for the Trump Team.

The Atlantic on how ill-suited traditional the ideas of traditional masculinity are for the life we have now.

TED's playlist of how to deal with everyday life.

Is Mike Pence walking a tightrope? Or is this invisible man one of the ones causing it to exist in the first place?

How the Cosby mistrial happened, and what could be next.

A sociology of the smartphone.

New York City was hilly, varied farmland, with a lot of small farms and communities, at its start -- and here are photos of how it looked before it was leveled.

Photographer Harry Pollard's photos of First Nations people from Alberta, Canada.

Paul Krugman on the inadequacy of understanding of what Trumpcare will do to devastate health in the US -- the silence of the hacks. And here is the impact of Trumpcare, by state, with the people to contact to yell about it.

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods may usher in the end of the line for many cashiers.

Why many House members aren't rushing to declare themselves candidates for the Senate. Money, money, money.

The incredible shrinking Islamic state -- no matter the noise made by its believers, it's getting smaller.

Podcast: the budget disconnect within the Trump administration.

And it's 3:30 and I just heard the coyote howling again. But it's getting dark and we have storms just west and south that will be moving in. I still have heard only one -- and as I understand it, coyotes howl when they're looking for other coyotes. Maybe it's significant (maybe not) that none of the neighborhood dogs are barking.


2017-06-17 22:00
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I am sitting here, in bed, listening for the same thing I heard before I went to bed.

And it's something I did not expect to hear in urban Maryland.

There's a coyote howling out there, somewhere within a block or so.

This development was built in the postwar 1940s, leaving as many of the big oaks and tulip poplars and other trees in place. There's a park at the bottom of the street that runs about 8 miles -- we are somewhere near the middle of it. It has deer, raccoons, possums, foxes... and we saw a coyote a few years ago. One coyote, cutting through the back yards. Normal sized, about 25 lbs.

There are dogs in the area, and when they're outside and want to ocme in, they bark and yip. That's not what I'm hearing out there. This is a howl -- it's singing -- and it's not singing at the moon since we're in the last quarter and it's not that bright. Whoever is howling is moving around a bit, calling from a slightly different place each time.

And it's a deeper voice than I'd expect from a 25-lb coyote. Coyotes tend to be sopranos or altos, in terms of range; this is definitely a tenor with a tinge of baritone. That argues a larger animal making the sound, possibly a coydog--that's what happens when a coyote in season gets caught by a bigger horny dog, and the coyote raises the pups to be coyotes. They can be up to 50 lbs. -- they were that big a dozen or more years ago in Virginia, across a couple of bridges and about 15 miles. And according to studies, the coyotes that are moving in cities are actually coywolves, crossed with Canadian or Adirondack wolves, again, something larger.

I made sure to bolt the back door. I'm pretty sure whatever it is has been around, marking the doorstep and the brick wall -- Beautiful has been afriad to go into the yard at times recently, and when she did, she stayed within sight of me, which she seldom does when she first goes out in the morning.

I wish the coyote, whatever it is, well -- but it is similar to Tevye asking God to bless and keep the Tsar... far away from us. I want it to live on mice or rabbits or squirrels (there are plenty of all three) and not on cats or small dogs.

And now it's quieter...

It will probably be a flurry of comments on the neighborhood listserv tommorow.

It's not raining yet...

2017-06-17 09:31
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These are the 15 people criminally charged in relation to the Flint water crisis.

Whether the Republicans realize it or not, not one state supports Trumpcare.

Religious liberals are gathering to fight Trumpcare and the other hideous policies of this Administration. And here is a look at the party registration of Christian religious leaders, by denomination. It does not include Quakers, but many Quaker meetings don't have pastors (we rotate responsibilities among members) so, again, we're outside the statistical view.
And it does not include the views of leaders of Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, Asatru, Pagan, Native American Church, Christadelphians, Vodoun and other religious groups, though Jewish leaders are included. I would like, for once, to have *all* religious leaders included in things like this, not just Christianity and Judaism.

Just like Trump, Sessions is uninterested in Russia hacking US computers and interfering with democracy here.

Small towns where former migrant workers have settled and established businesses and lives are being devastated by Trump's ICE taking 'illegals' away -- never mind that these people are part of the community and have been there for years, living their lives, paying taxes and following the law. And here is a Holocaust survivor testifying against anti-immigration laws that tear families apart.

Simplifying the search for birth control.

The National Park Service explains the crippling effect of Trump's proposed budget. Bear in mind, again, that Trump's budget has no legal or fiscal standing, and the budget is made by Congress, not the president.

Vanity Fair: A personal look at Robert Mueller and the FBI investigation.

Ancient food traditions in Guatemala.
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If you were planning to go to Cuba to hit the beautiful white-sand beaches, think again.

A woman is suing a casino that tried to give her dinner instead of her $43 million jackpot.

Governors from both parties want a bipartisan approach to health care, not this Repubs in the room, Dems not allowed business that's going on now.

According to EU sources, the UK has to sort out its Brexit situation before there can be trade talks.

You know it's getting serious when Trump's lawyer hires his own lawyer.

Trump is considering travel restrictions on North Korea since Otto Warmbier has returned after 18 months, in a coma and with significant loss of brain tissue and function. Seriously -- who would want to go there, except international aid workers who would not be welcomed by the regime?

Marco Rubio confirms details of Comey's testimony during Sessions' testimony. Complicated enough yet?

Trump picked a right-wing blogger for a judgeship. His confirmation hearing was *such* a train wreck. Maybe choosing someone who compares abortion to slavery wasn't such a good idea?

The EPA and the Department of the Interior (which is in charge of parks and monuments) held a private meeting at Trump's hotel with 45 gas and oil CEOs. This does not smell good.

Jeff Bezos, who may be the world's richest man, is asking people on Twitter to help him form his philanthropic goals.

A student who lived in the Grenfell Towers pulled an all-nighter bringing food and help to people who had escaped the fire in the tower, then took his A-level exams.

Los Angeles lit the Bat-Signal in memory of Adam West.

Trump's transition team orders aides to preserve Russia-related materials. Hmm. How very un-Republican of them.

How do you draw a circle? The answer may depend on where you're from.

Some Republican congressmen will go to any excuse to avoid meeting with their constituents, who don't necessarily like what they're doing.

The Dutch have solutions to rising seas. They've been living with flooding forever; they find ways to accommodate it and keep going.

The continued effort to silence Kamala Harris speaks volumes.

An Ohio coroner warns emergency personnel: throw away the latex gloves when you're dealing with opioid overdoses, because the gloves can become a way for the opioid to get to you.

It *is* Friday, isn't it?

2017-06-16 14:07
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Republican Senators say their phones aren't ringing about keeping the ACA and dumping Trumpcare so here's the contact list.

The mayor of Jackson, Wyoming, has removed Trump's photo from City Hall because we don't live in a dictatorship, and he'd rather post an organizational chart of local, state and federal government.

Oh, interesting. Trump's power broker has resigned from the company he founded and sold all his stock in it, one day after it was revealed that he is a massive slumlord. Apparently most of the 31,000 houses he owned through the company were badly built and are falling apart, and -- oh my! -- someone noticed this.

Trump is facing three emoluments lawsuits.

"Dreamers" can stay for now -- Trump says so -- but nobody knows their longterm fate.

Michelle Carter, who sent her boyfriend dozens of texts telling him to kill himself, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter -- the boyfriend killed himself with carbon monoxide in his truck, and she told him to get back into it when he texted her. She didn't call anyone -- his family or police -- when he was killing himself. She could be sentenced to anything from probation to 20 years in prison. Warning: someone who tells you to hurt yourself is not your friend.

Twitterer RogueSNRadvisor said Trump is really upset today, very freaked. And then someone sent him the transcript of the Comey tapes -- yes he did tape that conversation, and here's Page One.

A Vox reporter who has covered the ACA since day one has never seen lying and obstruction as bad as this before.

A new solar powered device can pull water out of the desert air. Think of the possibilities for places with little to no groundwater or streams.

Facebook wants input on hard questions about censorship and terrorism.

A local paper's dogged search for information about the congressional shooter. I am not calling it the Virginia shooting -- it took place in Virginia only because the ballfield was there; it is not about Virginians or Virginia politics. It is about Congress.
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From Sarah(from here)'s tweetstorm, collected for non Tweeters by Cassandra Troy on Facebook:

A Rant About the Reaction to the Congressional Shooting:

It was okay when it was just a lady Democrat getting shot in the head.

It was okay when it was just twenty six year olds in a school.

Was okay when it was a black President being burned in effigy or asking "2nd amendment people to do something" abt a woman candidate.

Was okay when it was folks walking, driving, living while black.

It was okay 153 times in 165 days this year, but now, NOW rich white people are getting shot at and lines must be drawn.

And now--NOW--it is all the fault of the party that is telling the truth about what those rich white guys want to do to their constituents.

The party that wanted to do things like deny guns to people with arrest records for domestic violence, by the way. The party of gun*sense*.

And now these people that hang around outside mosques open-carrying so as to intimidate peaceful worshippers--

These people who refused to re-up the Violence Against Women Act and who treat violence as their religion--
--are going to cry on the news because "my kid was at that field with me."

Yes. Because 153 other times this year, it was other folks' kids.

And you did not really care about any of them. Not one. Because guns were sacred to you when it was our lives.

Now it's your life, and your supporters are all over Facebook like "OMG KATHY GRIFFIN," bc when Obama was lynched in effigy for EIGHT YEARS
that was all fine, but now that someone is angry about a white President who wants to kill thousand of poor Americans, that's unthinkable.

The sanctimony of the gun-waving right. Unbelievable.

I would never want to see anyone get shot. But the Republican party drove drunk with rhetoric for 8 years, and now they are surprised?

I am sorry anyone is hurt. I am not surprised. I am surprised it took this long.

And anyone pretending that it's because liberals are telling the truth about health care, climate change, etc that this happened--no. No.

You voted in monsters that only cared about themselves and you handed out guns like candy and *this is what you get*.
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Food wars and skirmishes:

Amazon is buying Whole Foods. (Maybe some of their worse employee policies can change, like employees finally getting health care.) This is apparently part of the unseen-by-shoppers grocery wars, in which major combatants are Amazon and WalMart. I am assuming Wegman's is not big enough to count for this yet. In other areas, you may want to stock up on Butterfingers -- Nestle is planning to sell its US confectionary business, which is apparently not in line with its plans to provide more healthy food. Dear Nestle: healthy food includes the right to drink the water that is under your land or adjacent to it. Get the hell out of the business of merchandising a vital need -- water-- and btw how about shutting up your CEO who says that access to water is not a human right?


In other matters, the FBI issued a warrant for Lyle Jeffs, one of the leaders of the polygamous radical Morman sect that endorsed child marriages (his brother's in prison already on charges relating to that.) Jeffs was wanted for 'federal food stamp fraud.' (See, it's not people of color that cops should be looking at for that, but skinny white guys running communes.) But he was captured, after nearly a year on the run -- he was apparently living in his car. And he seems to have used olive oil to get rid of the GPS tracker that was attached to his ankle for earlier misdeeds. But Lyle has not been a kinder or gentler version of his brother. Quote from the Salt Lake Tribune:

"Lyle, in his brother's name, has enforced rigid doctrines unlike any the faith has had before, former members say, with bans on marriages, sex among spouses [you can read more on this rule here] and a grocery list of foods, such as beans, milk, sugar and chocolate. No one is allowed to read or watch secular media or view the evidence law enforcement collected against Warren in Texas. Lyle also has evicted perhaps hundreds of men, women and children. Others have left on their own. ...

"Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Labor ordered Lyle, some FLDS businessmen and the church itself to pay fines totaling almost $2 million for using children and unpaid labor during a 2012 pecan harvest. The fines remain under appeal and have not been paid."

And, from a NPR report earlier this year:

" 'This indictment is not about religion. This indictment is about fraud,' U.S. Attorney John W. Huber said in a statement.

"In the indictment, prosecutors say FLDS church members receive millions of dollars in SNAP benefits each year. The program is intended to help low-income families and individuals buy food. Jeffs and other church leaders allegedly ordered members to give their SNAP benefits to the church, which then redistributed them to the community. In some cases, prosecutors say, church leaders told members to transfer their SNAP benefits to church-owned stores without receiving food.

"The money from the alleged scheme, prosecutors say, helped finance the purchase of paper products, a tractor and a truck — all of which are ineligible under SNAP rules."


And in the same spirit as the previous section, there's a new study on why men harass women. It focuses on the Middle East, but I think it's applicable elsewhere.


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